Supporting Charities !

MundaWeb Members, MundaWeb Merchants and MundaWeb Agents can download the MundaWeb App free of charge at GooglePlay and AppStore, at, or from any of the participating Charities, MundaWeb Merchant or Agent website.

Charities and MundaWeb Agents partner with MundaWeb Merchants by distributing free of charge the MundaWeb Mobile Application, creating new income streams whilst supporting Charities

MundaWeb Members can activate their Mobile Application at any of the MundaWeb Merchants.

MundaWeb Members get discounts at MundaWeb Merchants with every transaction

MundaWeb Members chooses how part of the discount of his saving are distributed

Understanding the Benefits !

MundaWeb Merchants increases their sales and marketing and creates a new income stream while supporting the needy

Merchants and Distributors of the MundaWEB application may enjoy tax incentives while donating funds to charity organizations.


MundaWeb Members activate their Mobile Application for the first time when making a purchase at any of the participating MundaWeb Merchants.

Tell the MundaWeb Merchant that you are a MundaWeb Member and make a purchase. Then select a charity or foundation that you wish to be your beneficiary. You are now saving money and helping.


When making a purchase at an MundaWeb Merchant the MundaWeb Member and the MundaWeb Merchant instantly receive an electronically confirmation of the transaction on their phone or their e-mail, of their choice.

All donations and commissions are published. A table of contributions from each MundaWeb Member is posted on to the MundaWeb Website using their App No.

Thus all transactions are transparent to everybody involved. Transactions are, updated in real time and tables easy to use.


MundaWeb App is the only program in existence that is free of charge for Merchants and Members giving a percentage of each transaction to charities and people in need.

In all transaction 20% of the discount goes to charity, the User chooses how 50% of the discount of his saving are distributed, and 30% of the discount is shared among the distributor of the MundaWeb App, merchants, agents and administration.

Every little contribution helps with the foundations and charities that you intend to support.


MundaWeb Users are making a positive change with every transaction.

MundaWeb Members donate part of their discount savings directly at any of the MundaWeb Merchants.

Your contributions and those made on your behalf by the MundaWeb Merchants are traceable.


- The discount agreed at purchase is split among several beneficiaries with.

- The largest portion is going directly to the MundaWeb Member 50% of the discount which part of can be donated to charity or is deducted from the bill at the time of purchase.

- Charities always receive a minimum of 20% of the discount.

- the MundaWeb Merchant activating commission is 5% of the discount.

- An MundaWeb Agent/ commission of 5% of the discount.

- The distributor commission is 5% of the discount.

- and a commission of 15% of the discount goes to MundaWEB for expansion.


Charities aim to make a difference by delivering benefits. MundaWeb intends to increase the difference that people can make and at the same time generate enough profit so that our marketing ability is enhanced.

MundaWeb plans to promote a continuous growing circle of "good deeds".

All donations and commissions are published, on to the MundaWeb Website. Donations are transparent for everybody involved, updated in real time with reports of work done by the Charities and foundations you support.

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