MundaWEB is a communication’s network linking consumers, small to medium size business and charitable institutions enabling support to the poorest and most vulnerable. Protection of the environment and good causes with the help of like minded people who download MundWEB APP.

If today is a typical day on earth, we will lose a forest the size of Bangkok an area of 1,568 square kilometres (605.693 sq mi) to encroaching deserts due to human miss-management. One child born in Vienna, Paris or London will consume, waste and pollute more in a lifetime than as many as 50 children born in an average developing country. We all breathe the same air, fish in the same seas, and share the same dream of a better life for our families and communities. Reduce, re-use, recycle, and re-think your priorities.

Over 900 million people go hungry every day, a third are children. An estimated 19.5 per cent or one in five in developing countries live in households with on average wage of less than two dollars a day. The poor are denied access to basic opportunities, living in geographic isolation and ignorance. A billion of the world’s poorest have limited or no access to education at all with an estimated 876 million adult illiterates worldwide, sixty per cent being female. Extreme poverty is too often passed from one generation to the next.

Efforts must be made by people, governments, development agencies and Charities to raise awareness of the roots of extreme poverty and to help expand opportunities for the poor. If a variety of factors contributes to the persistence of extreme poverty, then a variety of actions is needed to break the cycle. These actions include MundaWEB and people like you.

Expanding access to health education and care so that people do not die of easily preventable diseases; Making education and adequate nutrition a priority so that children can grow up to lead healthy and productive lives;

Providing skills training and support for small entrepreneurs to increase opportunities for employment and income generation; protecting the environment and animals, to ensure that natural resources are conserved and renewed for future generations; Addressing gender inequality, to increase opportunities for women and to ensure that they have a say in decisions that affect the lives of themselves and their children.

With MundaWEB we help strengthen the role and capacity of local organizations, to make communities more self-sufficient, and improve the situation of the most vulnerable members of society, including children, ethnic minorities, street children, the old and disabled.

MundaWEB interpret its social responsibility differently. The middle class – small to medium enterprises and consumers benefit, producing meaningful support to people needing assistance and support organizations. This being an essential part of the social responsibility of us all. MundaWEB raise public awareness as to the roots of poverty and through using our APP you save money, and help transform the lives of people dramatically.

The intention of MundaWEB is to act before it’s too late and the power is in your APP !

– Wolfgang Munda founder of MundaWEB