More About Us...

MundaWEB transforms markets, providing a transparent best-in-class marketing service solution, for Small-to-Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) and consumer. Empowering the distribution of support to the underprivileged, less fortunate and hardest hit in society, who have been left behind in a mega-changing business world – particularly vulnerable children, old and infirm, animal shelter and support to environmental projects worldwide.

Sharing the benefits among all participants is the goal.

Members and users of the system will benefit in various ways, including:
– SMEs can widen their advertising campaign
– SMEs increasing loyalty of regular customers
– SMEs Benefit from having new customers
– SMEs creating new income streams
– SMEs enjoy tax incentives
– Consumers save on purchases through attractive discounts and donate without paying more
– Charities and people in need receive financial support

MundaWEB is a global network delivering benefits to those most in need by distributing existing benefits when making a purchase.
With each transaction at the Point-of Sale a partnership is instantly made between SME and consumer to help charity, where both parties donate a large proportion of the agreed discount to those in need – education of poor children, support care of the elderly, environmental protection and animal welfare.

We create these partnerships with our SME clients and their consumers in order to bring to realization our vision. 
Most importantly, seeing that those in need get financial support.