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Member APPlication

MundaWEB Members enjoy discounts on a host of goods and services , allowing them to pass on part of these savings as a donation to Charity at a MundaWEB Merchant.

MundaWEB gives the ability to help others as donations come from the simple activity of shopping and entertainment.

Each time you enter MundaWEB Merchant such as a restaurant, doctor, dentist and a host of other Merchants you can save money using their services and at the same time donate to a worthy cause.

Merchant APPlication

MundaWEB supply free to new Merchants their own unique Merchant APP, which they can be download and further customize with their own corporate logo.

The MundaWEB Merchant logo/photo on the APP is directly linked to their MundaWEB Merchant Facebook page or website.

The MundaWEB Merchant can change his discount offers any time and date.

The MundaWEB APP offers geographic location directly to MundaWEB Members mobiles, when in the locality of participating MundaWEB Merchants.

A MundaWEB Merchant can increase his income through distributing his own corporate MundaWEB APP to new customers, family, friends and associates and earn distribution commission (which is always 5% of the agreed discount).

The MundaWEB Merchant can increase income by activating the MundaWEB APP, (which is always 5% of the agreed discount) of new members ready for use at other MundaWEB Merchants. Activation and registration is always at the first MundaWEB Merchant at time of purchase. This is an ongoing reward for explaining to the new member how to use the application.

Merchants of MundaWEB may enjoy certain tax incentives on the donations of funds to charity groups.

Agent APPlication

Charitable Organizations, MundaWEB Merchants and Members can register to become an Agent/Developer.

Registered Agents receive a bonus ( which is always 5% of the agreed discount ) when a MundaWEB merchant is shown how to download and register the Merchant application.

Agents distribute our APP free of charge to new MundaWEB Merchants and Members.

join our network as an Agent