Aug 11

It was in 1974 that Father Ray Brennan C.Ss.R., an American priest of the Redemptorist order, first accepted an unwanted baby into his care. That one act of kindness would be the start of a life of devotion to help the underprivileged in Thai society. He opened an orphanage, a pre-school facility for deaf toddlers, a vocational school for people with disabilities, a home for street kids and a school for blind children.

Father Ray died on the morning of 16 August 2003 and since then the Father Ray Foundation has continued his work in his vision and continues to live by its motto that ‘we never turn a needy child away’.

Since 2003 the Father Ray Foundation has opened several new projects including a children’s village, a drop-in center for street kids, a facility for children with special needs and a day care center for toddlers from the poorer slum areas of Pattaya.

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