Aug 11

We are a volunteer organisation called “Take Care Kids” Onus is given to children in apparent economic and social difficulty.

Our aims are to:
1. Support and endeavour to improve the quality of life of orphans or children that live in destitute conditions in South-east Asian countries.
2. Relieve the social poverty in these countries.
3. Make the public aware of the social hardship and, finally, to promote cultural exchange between Italy and the countries of South-east Asia.
4. In addition, we endeavour to provide medical aid. This means that we also need the help of qualified health workers.

Our history:
…already nine years have gone by since Giorgio, inveterate traveller and lover of all South-east Asian countries, walked into an orphanage at Pattaya in Thailand for the first time. This small town, situated south-west of the capital Bangkok.
Unprompted, Giorgio started helping where he could and actively participating in the activities of the foundation that supports this orphanage.
A few years later he was joined by Raffaella, who gave an enormous impetus to the work completed up to that point. But the real turning point for the birth of “Take Care Kids” was the tragic tsunami that hit Thailand and other countries in December 2004.
Since then our participation in reconstruction projects but, above all, direct aid to the orphaned children has grown exponentially with the many volunteers that have joined us and have proved to be the lifeblood for the success of all our initiatives.
We are a newborn organisation, but hope to find other persons that have our common objectives at heart…first of all, to give our world a certain future…and this future lies with the children all over our planet.
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